Fall Winter 19.20


The wide open spaces where Nature joins open and huge skies and the spirit of adventure that animates them, have always been part of the world of La Méricaine. Bringing this free spirit back to the heart of urban worlds, La Méricaine capes and blankets are infinitely soft to wrap ourselves and cuddle up to.

As of September 19, the brand goes even further in this connection with Nature and creates its collection of Intemporels in 100% recycled wool. Deeply attached from its origin to the French know-how, each piece by La Méricaine is spun and woven in France in the cradle of woolen know-how.

The Winter 19-20 collection, Fashion and Interior Design, keep bringing us back to Nature in order to balance our urban life, to rejuvenate ourselves. Each piece of the collection embodies La Méricaine style, a unique harmony of deep colors, always combined with the softness of the fabric.

Five new models for an elegant, but also relaxed style

HOPI, a model combining the beauty and softness of natural tones to create a subtly sophisticated harmony of warm beiges.

OMAHA, a deep shade of orange, yellow associated with beige and gray to keep in autumn a little of summer’s warmth.

SANK, this model symbolizes the encounter of Heaven and Earth by always combining dull tones with shades of brown, beige and some deep blue.

WAPPO, the majesty of the emerald green tone evokes forests as far as the eye can see and the depth of a dark blue declined to black.

MIWOKE, the sober elegance of all shades of gray to deep black, to wrap ourselves when the sun has disappeared on the horizon.